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AcBel won the double glory of the Sustainability Awards this year


Since 2010, AcBel Polytech Inc. has continuously published its Corporate Social Responsibility report, and has continued to expose specific actions in various aspects such as corporate governance, environment and society. In addition to adhering to the core values of “implementing green and environmentally friendly production”, we also actively respond to material issues that concern to stakeholders, and respond to the goals and objectives of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and strive to implement the concept of social responsibility, towards the goal of building a sustainable value chain.

AcBel won the double glory of the Sustainability Awards this year (2018). "2018 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award TOP 50 Corporate Sustainability Report - IT & IC Manufacturing Platinum Award" affirmed by the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy(TAISE). Since the competition in 2015, AcBel has been recognized for four consecutive years. The "Corporate Sustainability Report Award" is based on the information on the integrity, credibility and communication effectiveness of the CSR Report to assess whether it demonstrates the fulfillment of social responsibility as a selection criterion.

In addition to being recognized by the TCSA Award, AcBel has also been recognized "25th National Quality Award – Best Practice Award for Sustainable Business Operations" by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and AcBel President, David Kao, accepted the award from President Tsai Ing-wen at the Taipei International Conference Center. This is the first time the company participated in the competition and won the award. It proves that AcBel has invested in the field of corporate social responsibility, and has won the recognition of the sustainable evaluation agency and the government, showing the company's practical achievements and value in the sustainable development.

Corporates are the common promoters of the development of the country's sustainable development goals. AcBel will continue to innovate and pursue excellence through exerting influence and practical actions, and to enhance the overall sustainable competitiveness, and hope to become the benchmark enterprise for sustainable development.