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Sustainable Supply Chain

Customers Communication

Our continuous effort to pursue progress is to achieve the core value of “Customer Satisfaction”. Because customer satisfaction is our recognition, we strive to establish close cooperation with customers and become a key and important partner for customers to rely on and depend on for success. The improvement of customer competitiveness is the driving force behind our efforts.
Supplier partners are an important cornerstone for us to obtain “Customer Satisfaction”. Through cooperation training, suppliers can understand the importance of social responsibility such as human rights, environmental protection, safety, health, and everyday management to create a stable, high-quality and inexpensive supply chain.

Customer satisfaction is our core value. We value the views and opinions put forth by our customers and ensure that their needs are understood and met. The bilateral communication is divided into internal and external actions, externally, in addition to participating in customer and supplier conferences, and the company also shares its corporate and social responsibilities. We also understand the customer's affirmation or expectation from us and the rankings among relevant industry peers through the monthly or quarterly business meetings with customers; it plays as an important basis for the company's advancement.

Suppliers Communication