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Green Procurement

Implementing Local Green Procurement

To reduce carbon emissions from the process of transporting materials, we provide job opportunities for local residents and build strategic alliances with local suppliers to facilitate the procurement of green materials from local suppliers, which also ensures the immediacy and stability of material supplying. It also reduces health endangering risks of employees and can relatively reduce the pollution impact on the environmental.
In terms of procurement ratio in 2017, Tamsui plant mainly produces fuel cell products, and customers have specified special suppliers to supply materials, while in Dongguan, the number of local qualified suppliers has decreased, resulting in dropping of the procurement ratio of the 2 plants. The other plants had a stable and significant increase in the local procurement rate.
About 99.99% of the total purchases in 2017 were in compliance with the lead-free, halogen-free, and EU RoHS-disabled material standards; the rest was based on special needs of customers' products and purchased very little quantities of lead-containing components and components.
In the future, we will strengthen communication with customers, change the design of replacement materials and use 100% green materials to achieve the goal of sustainable green procurement. In 2018, we will continue to strengthen the development of competitive suppliers in the region so as to increase the ratio of local procurement and to create a win-win situation for the environment, companies, employees, suppliers, and local residents.