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Green Process

Production Procedure

Our production strategy adopts flexibility and automation, which comply with environmental regulatory requirements, including “Restriction of Hazardous Substances, RoHS”, “Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive 2002/96/EC, WEEE” and “Directive of Eco-design Requirements of Energy-using Products,2005/32/EC, EuP”.
According to environmental conservation principles, AcBel builds the green cycle focusing on energy saving and consumption and pollution reduction. Through technology and management strategy, we take necessary measures from design, procurement, processing, packaging and transportation to prevent pollution generation, as to reduce environmental impact and produce green products, in the hopes of fulfilling the green purchasing for customers and users.

Quality Management

Corporate sustainable management is based on good knowledge management, in which quality inspection and management should be upgraded to quality operation.
The commitment of the quality policy-“Pursuing excellence with zero deficiency” has driven us to provide quality products and service. According to ISO 9001:2015 quality management system standardization, AcBel has built a sound standardization documentation system to make sure the consistency in each quality activity, while at the same time conducts continuous improvement. With the introduction of “Quality Control Circle (QCC)”,“5S”, “Six Sigma” and “SOP”, product quality and reliability are increased by preventing defects and errors of the root cause from happening, and hence the losses caused by product quality can be reduced.
We expand procurement management into risk-based supply chain management. Quality management starts right from the beginning when the materials are provided by the suppliers. IQC(Incoming Quality Control)tests are conducted in receipt of raw materials. IPQC(Input Process Quality Control)inspections are conducted and carried out during the manufacturing process and the final OQC (Outgoing Quality Control) tests and checks are carried out before product shipping. In addition, we also introduced products traceability management during production, through bar-code tracking, the quality from raw material to finished product delivery jobs can be effectively controlled and traceable.
AcBel conducts field audits targeted at suppliers performing poor quality each quarter, and demands quality improvement through counseling and elimination mechanism. In contrast, suppliers providing stable quality material would be recognized and given incentives like increasing components orders to make sure the consistent material quality.

When product quality problems occur, they would be investigated by the quality improvement team composed of members form R&D, engineering, procurement, manufacturing, quality assurance and customer service departments. Problemshooting process needs to be sorted out and records into production management system, which are broken down into three major parts, including "Design Quality Enhancement", "Process Improvement" and "Material Quality Improvement"; meanwhile "e-customer Audit System" should be introduced to collect customer opinions and then distribute to operation bases for analysis and improvement sharing, so as to prevent identical issues in the future.