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Safe Workplace

Health and Safety Management

Besides its own economic performance, emphasizing on occupational health and safety is one of the most important factors for to stable and sustainable development. Providing a safe and comfortable working environment for employees and ensuring their safety and health is a constant commitment of the company. We insist on constantly paying attention to the outcomes of our occupational safety and health policies, and establish a zero-pollution and zero-harm operating base for customers, employees, suppliers, community residents and other stakeholders. We have formulated an "Environment Health and Safety Declaration" and an "Environment Health and Safety Policy". To ensure continuous improvement, the top managers of each plant regularly hold a "Labor Safety and Health Conference" and implement various projects using the PDCA model. This also ensures the achievement of our occupational health and safety goals.

Active Prevention of Occupational Hazards

For employees working in a special or high-risk position, the company provides them with a full set of safety protection equipment and requires employees to use them. They are also given regular special safety and health education training courses such as chemical use and management, special machine operation, and electrical equipment operation. In addition, training and implementation of pre-employment medical examinations, on-the-job annual physical examinations, and leave medical examinations to protect the safety and health of employees are also provided. So far there has been no record of occupational diseases contracted by employees working in special or high-risk positions.
In 2017, there were no serious or fatal industrial accidents in any of the factories. Only minor injuries due to operational errors and accidents occurred during commuting time. The injury rate (IR) also decreased compared with the previous year. All cases of work-related injuries were reported through the official channel. The competent authority handled the post-disaster cases and improved operations to prevent such accidents from recurring.

Employee Health Promotion