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Happy Relationship

Employee Communication

"Communication As the Best Management" is the communication core value between our company and its employees. We use a top down and bottom up communication strategy to understand the various needs of our employees and to help them clearly know of the company's goals. We also actively create a friendly and happy workplace for employees, give them a fair treatment, and establish positive relationships between them.

Salary and Benefits

Employee Benefits


Care for Female Employees

Employee Job Satisfaction Survey
In order to enhance our company's management strategies and ensure continuous effectiveness, we not only collect opinions through multiple channels of communication, but also use the satisfaction survey system to understand employees' feedback on their work. We then use the results as an important reference for improvement or continuity. In 2017, the Dongguan plant conducted employee job satisfaction survey, which included job content, organization management, welfare policies, etc. More than 87% of the employees were generally satisfied. For suggestions involving living conditions, we were able to meet the reasonable needs of our employees through the enhancement of work benefits and the improvement of two project executions in the residential area.